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Jier Art represents contemporary artists and serves art lovers, with a Certificate of Artwork Business (No.61-0025) registered in Shanghai China, and launched emerging technology exhibitions and was published by Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong Commercial Daily, Voice of Zhejiang, SHKJB, UTS Beijing Alumni Reception Creative Industry Dialogue, Sustainable Aviation Fuel Magazine Industry Directory Consulting, and won CorporateLiveWire Innovation Excellence Awards 2024 Art Gallery of The Year and joined non-profit organisation memberships including Service and Creative Skills Australia.

Jier Art provides business advisory services to publicly listed and private companies, and our clients are based in New York, Texas, Perth, London, Singapore, and the industries include renewable solar energies, mineral exploration and development of copper-gold-silver, liquid organic hydrogen carriers, climate AI tech for heavy industries, full recovery desalination tech, Web 3 blockchain, Club.

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