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“Depressed Persons Series” Exhibition 2022 

Exhibition Introduction ©Shanbo:

Li Shanbo says: I don’t like perfect shapes and things, because there is no perfection in the world! When I was learning to draw, I was always taught to draw with rules, to draw a good picture, but it was boring, and after graduating from college, I gave up drawing for many years. Until I went to Europe, visited major museums and learned about modernism and postmodernism, I picked up the brush again and painted the people and things I liked. Painting is a voice from my heart, and there is no beauty or ugliness, only truth and falsehood. I no longer paint to deceive my eyes, nor to please others. Self-improvement has become my choice. This year, I began to consider the subject of depression and autism. I saw them and realized the beauty of a healthy life. But in modern society, is the truth split behind our hypocrisy, and whether there is still a residual truth in each life exist? We betray ourselves, repress ourselves…




Group Exhibitions:

2018: Body, The One Club, Beijing, China.
2019: Restart, Weiou Art Gallery, Beijing, China.




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