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Jier Art represents contemporary artists, with a Certificate of Artwork Business (No.61-0025) registered in Shanghai China, and launched virtual exhibitions by applying emerging technologies and were published by People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong Commercial Daily, SHKJB, and won CorporateLiveWire Innovation Excellence Awards 2024 Art Gallery of The Year New South Wales Australia, and participated in Invest HK Creative Industries, China Private Equity Summit, WSJ Journal House, ICGN-Hawkamah Dubai, Earth Forum, The Economist Impact Sustainability Week Asia.

Jier Art provides institutional investor relations consultancy and business advisory services to public and private companies, and our clients are based in New York, Perth, London, Texas, Singapore, and the industries include renewable solar energies, mineral exploration and development of copper-gold-silver, climate AI tech for heavy industries, liquid organic hydrogen carriers, full recovery desalination tech, Web 3 blockchain,  two clients are listed on TSXV, ASX.

Keren Zhou
Founder of JIER ART


Tommaso Maggio’s “The Colours of Meditation” Exhibition 2024

Exhibition Name: The Colours of Meditation. Artist Name: Tommaso Maggio.

Shanbo Li’s Depressed Persons Series Exhibition 2022

Exhibition Name: Depressed Persons Series 2022. Artist Name: Shanbo Li. "This year, I began to consider the subject of depression and autism. I saw them and realized the beauty of a healthy life."

Chenjun Wu’s Tiger Series Chinese Painting Exhibition 2022

Exhibition Name: Tiger Series Chinese Painting Exhibition 2022. Artist Name: Chenjun Wu. 12 masterpieces for celebrating Chinese New Year 2022.

Chenjun Wu’s 10 Miles Heaven & Earth Exhibition 2021

Exhibition Name: 10 Miles Heaven & Earth 2021. Artist Name: Chenjun Wu. ‘10 Miles Heaven & Earth’ of Chenjun Wu exhibits his ten masterpieces of Chinese paintings created from 2014 to 2021.

Shanbo Li’s Visualisation of Life Exhibition 2021

Exhibition Name: Visualisation of Life 2021. Artist Name: Shanbo Li. "I started painting the faces of my family and friends, to explore real emotions, including uneasy, troubled, miserable, lonely, hesitant, anxious, and fearful. These emotions empowered them, and also become elements of my creation."

Ruohan Yang’s Flowers of Evil Exhibition 2021

Exhibition Name: Flowers of Evil 2021. Artist Name: Ruohan Yang. The exhibition describes the dark-side and bright-side of a human all the time. It used to be a struggle, but both sides have turned to understand each other more by time.

Ruohan Yang’s Spectrum Beyond Silent Wall Exhibition 2021

Exhibition Name: Spectrum Beyond Silent Wall 2021. Artist Name: Ruohan Yang. The exhibition of her digital art explores the aesthetics of geometry, omniscience in human history, uncertainty in cosmology and future technology.

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